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How To Get Goa Ticket Google Pay - Check How To Get Goa Ticket Via Google Pay?

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 How To Get Goa Ticket Google Pay - Are you looking How To Get Goa Ticket Google Pay? Google Pay, by Google, is one of the most used online payment applications and digital wallet platform, which helps us to pay money in a digitally secured manner. It helps us to go cashless as Gpay is accepted all over the world as a payment option. Gpay has included an option through which you can get a chance to travel the world. Yes! So everybody is looking at how to get Goa Ticket Google Pay. Are you Hodophile? Then you have to try this in Gpay surely. Wondering how to get Goa Ticket Google Pay? In this article, let us look at how to get a Goa ticket Google Pay.

Goa Ticket In Google Pay

Google Pay has recently brought a new game, Google Pay: Go India. What exactly is Google Pay-Go India? How to play Gpay Go India? What are the rewards in Google Pay-Go India? To play Google Pay-Go India, you first need to get tickets based on different names of the cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, etc.. Using the tickets, you can unlock various regions and travel through them to collect the rewards. Interestingly, you'll also need to travel virtually in the G-Pay car to win the rewards. Where do you find the tickets? Well, you have to make transactions to get them. Make sure this is valid from 19 October 2020 to 25 November 2020.

Goa Ticket Google Pay

How to get tickets in Gpay? Follow the steps given below to get the tickets in Google Pay-Go India,

  • Open the Google Pay application on your smartphone.
  • Now tap on the 'Go India' game on the home page. 
  • The Go India game begins from either Bengaluru or Amritsar. 
  • As an entry offer, you will get a city ticket or KM (kilometer), or a combo of the two mentioned. 
  • As the game urges visiting all the cities on Go India, to collect the tickets and KM. 
  • A city ticket helps you travel to a specific city only, whereas the KM will let you travel to any city of your choice with enough KM. 
  • The KM distance is usually close to the, and you view the required KM to visit a specific city. 

How To Get Goa Ticket Google Pay?

Everybody's favorite spot is Goa, and all wanted to visit Goa at least once. To get Goa Ticket in Gpay, earn a Goa ticket, you have to 

  • Share a Go India map or Go India photo
  •  You can Pay for Google Play Via Recharge Code or UPI (or)
  • You can Pay to Google Pay QRs in shops or online merchants 
  • You can Recharge any prepaid Plan for Friends and Family
  • Pay bills like DTH, Electricity 
  • Buy gold or pay on the MakeMyTrip Spot

How To Get Goa Ticket Google Pay - FAQ

1. What is Google Pay Go India?

Google Pay Go India is a game in Gpay app that lets you to travel around various cities by collecting tickets through different methods.

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