Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Firewall blocking network connection

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I am in technical support, and recently I discovered a problem with my firewall. A PC in a wired or wireless environment with firewall software installed block my network connection. As a result, the PCs could not see each other. But when when I disable the firewall, everything is fine. Do you what is the problem?

Yes, I think so. Your firewall is blocking the connection. So, you have to decide for yourself: Do you want to allow this connection or not? You could configure the firewall to allow that system through. This would let your network services function, but expose you to a security risk. Is the risk worth it? You have to answer that question. If you are really paranoid and control both sides of the connection, you could configure IPSec between the two boxes. If they are Windows 

machines, you can set up IPSec between them using Microsoft's own built-in software to authenticate and encrypt all data between the two boxes. To do this, bring up (on WinNT/2000/XP/2003). 

Your network interface --> Properties --> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) --> Advanced --> Options --> IPSecurity --> Properties. Then, you have to define a rule between the two boxes, at either side of the connection.

 :-Why you need Personal Firewall:-

In the age of high-speed Internet Access, you electronically connect your computer to a broad network over which, unless you have installed a personal firewall, you have limited control and from which you have limited protection. Until recently, unless you worked for an organization that provided high-speed internet access.******************************************************
Like anything, the high-speed connection has its own drawbacks. Ironically, the very feature that makes a high-speed connection attractive is also the reason that makes it vulnerable. In a way, connecting to the internet via high-speed connection is like leaving the front door of your house open and unlocked. This is because high-speed Internet connections have the following features:

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