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3 Ways to Remove Computer Icon from Desktop on Windows 8

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Way 1: Remove Computer icon from desktop by deleting it.

           In order not to let other people easily access My Computer in their PC, many users      will remove the My Computer icon from the desktop. If you are wondering how many methods can be applied to remove it, this text, taking Windows 8 for example, summarizes 3 ways and illustrate them one by one for your better understanding.

Step 1: Right-click the Computer icon on the desktop and choose Delete in the context                       menu.

Step 2: Select Yes to confirm delete.

Way 2: Remove the Computer icon by hiding it.

Step 1: Open the Search panel by Windows+F hotkeys, type hide computer in the empty                 box, choose Settings and select Show or hide common icons on the desktop in  t            he results.

Step 2: As the Desktop Icon Settings dialog pops up, uncheck the small box                    before Computer and click OK.

Way 3: Remove Computer icon by enabling the "Remove Computer icon on the desktop" setting.

Step 2: Find and double-tap Remove Computer icon on the desktop.
Suppose you have no idea where it is, you can locate it following the path of User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Desktop.

Step 3: Select Enabled and click OK to enable the setting.

Step 4: Close the Local Group Policy Editor.
Step 5: Shut down the computer and log in to make the setting effective.
BTW, another alternative method is to directly restart your computer.
Tips: Regarding to the last method, if you would like to show the Computer icon on the desktop again, disable or do not configure the same setting, as shown in the following picture.

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