Terms & Conditions

  • The content of website should be given by the client.
  • The content and other relevant material should be with GetMeUp before any project isinitialized;
  • Payments against the project (s) have to be made within 10 Working Days on personal convenience of client;
  • The funds disbursed against the project (s) by the client shall be forfeited and non-refundable;
  • Once the payments are made by the client, refund is not executed;
  • We place the “Logo” or “Company Name” or “Website Hyperlink” on the right side of the footer of the website we design and develop for the client;
  • We place the “Logo” or “Company Name” or “Website Hyperlink” on the right side of the footer for SEO activities undertaken for client;
  • If due to certain proprietary reasons, of which we do not have any knowledge about, the client does not allow placement of our “Logo” or “Company Name” or “Website Hyperlink,” we are going to charge 50% of the total cost of the project;
  • The technical support and execution team of GetMeUp is available between 10am and 06pm Mon; extending from All Mondays thru Fridays; Should any need for technical support is required, our technical support team will revert within timeframe of 24 and 48 hours;
  • Electronically generated invoice is emailed to the client after complete payment is made by the client.
  • If client(s)is using his/her own web hosting services GetMeUp is not responsible for any kind of data lose problems or security. Furthermore, we do not take guarantee of any Spamware,
  • Malware attacks on the website in such a situation;
  • Dissatisfaction from the clients on the quality of services, we provided to them would not under any circumstance mean “Refund of Payments.”
  • We adopt and execute reliable SEO model for ranking the client’s business in search engine results. However, we do not take guarantee of any surge in BUSINESS PROFITS or TOP RANKS;
  • For all supernumerary works and interalia, a separate payment is made and invoiced;
  • In case the client is using his/her own web hosting, we require cPanel or FTP details from the client before starting the SEO activities, and we expect the client to bear with us;
  • For the purpose of SEO, we may require few changes on the website. We hope our clients will adhere to these requirements without delays;
  • We are responsible and committed for the work done for our clients;
  • We are not responsible for all other tasks executed by third party resources or outsourced companies, working on behalf of our client.
  • We need a written approval of project via email from the client before launching the website.
  • GetMeUp is not responsible for any 3rd party services we use for our customers.
  • We have our own proprietary work strategy for the SEO. We do not share the SEO work files with any customer.
  • These Terms and Conditions can be changed or updated by the management any time, in which case we update our clients by sending emails on their registered accounts.
  • If the client wants to transfer his/her domain & hosting services to any third-party company, we will provide the details of it, though, we DO NOT offer any guarantee of loss of data.
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